Get an ROI. Join Sean in a Movement to Improve Mental Health at Your Workplace!

“Sean is committed to reinventing support for employees’ mental health in the workplace. For two decades he’s supported organizations with their approach to Total Rewards, including their benefits & well-being programs, knowing the impact they have not only on employees but also on their families and communities. The pandemic has highlighted the incredible resiliency of employees but also that we must avoid assuming everyone’s situation is the same. Sean identifies the micro-moments along the employee journey to find ways to make things better.

Through his personal journey living with depression many years ago and the stigma attached, it was a Tony Robbins event that helped him begin to share his story. The experience ignited a passion to bring his voice and experience to further reduce the stigma and find new opportunities for better support.

Sean is not afraid of the mic and now speaks on stage as well as on roundtables, webinars, and podcasts to amplify the issue of mental health in the workplace – ultimately to change one life, one community, and one organization at a time. Sean recently launched Game Plan Total Rewards Consulting Inc. which includes his ‘Change One Life’ mental health program to help organizations do better.”- CANADIAN TIRE CORPORATION

From my own personal experiences (and being lucky to get help when I needed it most) and seeing the positive results in supporting employees in the workplace struggling to get the help they needed, has fueled my passion and commitment to impacting mental health: one life, one community, one organization at a time.

I have created a 5 Pillar Strategy to improve mental health in any organization with real results. Contact Sean today for a free introductory session to learn more about the 5 Pillars!

Mental Health Training

Mental Health for Leaders

Building a Productive & Healthy Team. This 60-minute session will go into details on practical tools/tips that can help people leaders build healthy and productive teams. The focus will be on:

(a) real-life mental health scenarios and scripts/tips to best support your teams

(b) communication tips to reduce potential stress for ourselves and with our teams

(c) how to use the proven ‘4-Quadrant exercise’ with your teams to navigate any stressful situation so they get clarity on what is real vs assumed, and ultimately what they can own to move forward.

NOTE: Learning outcomes can be modified/customized for each client.

Mental Health for Employees

Going Beyond: “How are You?” This 60-minute session will go into details on practical tools/tips that can help anyone navigate and mitigate stress. The focus will be on:

(a) how we can shift to a more powerful mindset

(b) how we can communicate more effectively to reduce potential stress for ourselves/others including deeper questions beyond ‘how are you?’

(c) how to use the ‘4-Quadrant exercise’ to navigate stressful situations and get clarity on what the next steps are needed to move forward.

NOTE: Learning outcomes can be modified/customized for each client.

Kerrie Shakespeare Chief Purpose Officer @ O2E Brands

Sean completed mental health training for our team at O2E Brands. The well-being of our team has always been an important part of our culture, but it’s of increased importance during this challenging time in our world. Sean was able to connect with our team by sharing his own lived experience along with knowledge and tools our team members can implement. I highly recommend Sean as an authentic partner who can make a positive impact on your team and organization.

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Sean has been on stage at several events over the last few years including Morneau Shepell’s Employers Connect, Central One People Focus Conference, and has been a keynote for Benefits Canada Mental Health Summit in Vancouver. 


Spanning Retail, Construction, Aviation, Financial Services, Food Manufacturing and Technology, Sean has 23+ years experience in HR & Total Rewards holding leadership roles in a variety of industries, both domestically and internationally. 


Sean is available for speaking engagements and consulting on workplace mental health programs where he covers not only his personal story but the 4 main pillars in any workplace mental health program that helps employers really ‘show up’ for their employees.